I live with my husband Kari who helps me taking care our dear pets. Our Maine Coons have four collied and one turquoise-fronted amazon as their friends.

I've had cats since childhood but seven years ago I got my first registered cat. After that I got my first Maine Coon from cattery of Iidaroosan. After Iidaroosan Snow Angel (Anni-Emilia) I was totally infatuated with the breed and we got another Coon, Chamberlain Keep It Dark (Säde). Anni-Emilia gave birth to her first foster litter and we kept one of the kittens, Iidaroosan Negrita (Ilona). We have also a Ragdoll boy Ragfunny's Alaika (Emppu-Eemeli) and like the other mentioned females, he is also neutered.

Our home is located near by the is in the Merimasku (Naantali). Our cats have their own yard at home and at our cottage. I took Kissaliitto's breeder course couple of years ago because I wanted to learn something new. After a serious consideration I applied and got my cattery name, Easylife's. I want to keep my cattery small and got a great rest-of-the-life home for all of my kittens. The purpose is breed healthy and good-natured Maine Coons, not forgetting the breed standards. We attend shows every now and then.

Our cats are tested reguralry and the last negative fungus test was performed 8/16. 

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